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DC Theatricks is a full service costume rental and sales shop. Throughout the year, we provide costumes for  theatrical shows, Halloween costumes, movie stars, science fiction, medieval, renaissance, horror, military uniforms, period costumes, and seasonal holiday costumes.


DC Theatricks proudly provides clean, accurate, and well fitting show costumes. Need to fit an extra, extra large actor? Give us a call, maybe we can help. Show plots are available for shows in stock. We offer discounted show rates depending on the number of costumes needed, and the length of the rental. To allow us to alter the costumes, and for the best fit possible please check our sizing requirements.


We carry a huge selection of Halloween Costumes, Santa suits, snowmen, elves, reindeer, Easter Bunnies, Leprechauns, Pilgrims, Turkeys and Uncle Sam outfits year round.


We have a wide selection of animal costumes for personal and Promotional Advertising use such as: lions, buffalos, penguins, cows, horses, alligators, bears, chickens, tigers, dogs, cats, elephants, plus many more.

Special (made to order) mascots for sale only are available upon request!


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