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"Shrek The Musical"

"Shrek The Musical" Costume Plot from DC Theatricks at www.costume.com

Shrek The Musical Costumes
Shrek The Musical Costumes Shrek The Musical Costumes


"Shrek The Musical" Production at JONESBOROUGH REPERTORY THEATRE, costumes provided by DC Theatricks



1)      Plaid pants, rough tunic, leather belt, textured vest, Add Helmet

2)      Fatsuit (if needed) – counted as extra costume

Young Shrek

Duplicate of Shrek - Plaid pants, rough linen tunic, belt, textured vest


2-piece green brocade gown with tear-away skirt, tap skirt, velvet vest, necklace, tiara

Fiona Ogress double

1)      2-piece green brocade gown, tiara, necklace, velvet vest

2)      Fatsuit (if needed) – counted as extra costume

Young Fiona

Green brocade jumper with green blouse, tiara

Teen Fiona

2-piece green brocade gown with lace up bodice, tiara

*Fiona Wedding

2-piece wedding gown with regular size bodice, necklace, skirt. For transformation, add green fatsuit w/ attached necklace, change to oversized duplicate bodice, skirt waist expands


Grey fur shaped donkey suit, padded underbody, hood with ears, foot & hand hooves

*Farquaad 1

Rust diamond tunic, hat, cape, gauntlet gloves, black belt

*Farquaad 2

“Duloc” Red/blue sequin tunic, Cape, Hat, red velvet undershirt, bootops for puppet legs, gauntlet gloves, gold belt

*Farquaad 3

Cream velvet undershirt, cream wedding tunic, gold belt, cape, gauntlet gloves, gold crown, change to burned crown

*Farquaad trick masking

Black pants, knee and shin pads, puppet legs with boots, extra set of prop puppet legs for “Duloc” number, padding for under tunic, black masking chaps

*Duloc Dancers 5(male) 5(female)

Blue or red patent vinyl skirt & vest with rubber understructure, kneepads, doll shoe footcovers, yellow wigs, body suits, gauntlet gloves


Wood grain bodysuit, wood grain shirt, 2-tone blue wood grain lederhosen with suspenders, oversized puppet shoe covers, hat, gloves, *(Growing nose available at extra charge)


Fur legs, arms and paws, hood, tear-away housecoat, red ruffled dress with corset, bloomers, tail

*Three Pigs

Hoods with assorted hats, pants, overalls, shirts, vest, shaped underbodies, tails, belts, and foot covers

*Ugly duckling

Pod underbody, fur pants, fur bodysuit, stripe tights, hood, foot covers, gloves

*Momma Bear

Blouse, skirt, lace up vest, apron, petticoat, fur arms, gloves, fur leg pieces, ears

*Papa Bear

Pants, shirt with ascot, vest, fur coat, fuzzy socks, gloves, hood

Baby Bear

Brown short pants, scout shirt, fur arms and legs, hood with cap, gloves

Momma Ogre

Calico skirt, attached to blouse, textured fur vest, apron (quick change)

Poppa Ogre

Rust distressed pants attached to shirt, patterned fur vest (quick change)

King Harold

Cream tunic, velvet/fur over robe, tights, crown

Queen Lillian

Regal gown with crown

Happy people (f)

Assorted skirts, blouses, vests, aprons, or dresses

Happy people (m)

Assorted knickers, shirts, vests or jackets, socks

Farquaad guards

Scale mail tabard with Farquaad crest, black undershirt, black pant, bootops, helmet

White rabbit

Hood, fur body, vest with pocket for oversized pocket watch, foot covers

Fairy Godmother

Sparkly gown with tiara

Peter pan

Green leaf tunic, tights, hat and short bootops

Sugar plum fairy

Multi-colored Crinoline and Petal skirt, Lame butterfly corset, wings


Spider web bustier top, multi-colored skirt, stripe socks, web gauntlets, hat

Winged Monkey

Wings, grey suit with tail, light blue/red appliquéd vest and hat

Mad Hatter

Stripe pants, vest shirt, large bow tie, maroon brocade tails coat, tophat

Shoemaker elf

Multicolored knickers, green cutaway coat, shirt, vest, stripe socks, green velvet hat

Burned knights

Tattered pants, shirt, Distressed burned tabard, belt, undershirt

Pied piper

Knickers and matching tunic, bootops, hat, tights

Rat Tappers (10)

Stripe pants, tails coat, gunmetal sequin vest, pink bowtie, shirt, top hat with attached rat ears, grey spring tail


Black shirt pants, studded vest, executioner hood, bootops, belt, cuffs

3 Blind mice

Pink sequin shimmy dress, white sparkle fur shrug, blonde wig with pink ears


Red robe, mitre hat, white & gold chasuble, sash


Shirt, breeches, mask or elf hat


Knickers, jacket, belt, red hat

Tooth Fairy

Iridescent blue gown, tiara, wings

Farquaad Head

Oversized Farquaad head with hat for Duloc greeter

Fairy tale characters

Additional Fairy tale characters can be added if necessary


*Indicates special rental rates for these costumes


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production.  It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles.  Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available.  Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted).  Styles and accessories may vary.



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