Easter Rabbit Bunny Male Delx

Easter Rabbit Bunny Male Delx


New Easter Bunny Mascot Costume will be the highlight ofyour Spring Holiday!Vacuform plastic head covered with plush white faux-fur hasa comfortable foam rubber head ring inside with cloth cap tosecure head in place, allowing for natural movement. Tall13-inch pink-lined ears have a wide wire inside whichenables posing the ears in any position! The soft plushwhite jumpsuit has a back zipper and attached fluffy bunnytail. Inseam length is approximately 31 inches, sleevelength from shoulder seam to wrist is 29 inches, with lengthfrom center back to wrist 39 inches. Fits most chest sizesup to size 42. Includes a reversible pink-green cloth vest!Matching cloth-lined plush Bunny hands have 4 stuffedfingers with pink pads on the palm side, 11 inches fromfingertips to wrist hem. Four-toed plush 14 inch long Bunnyfeet are also stuffed for fullness, cloth-lined, have a backzipper at the heel, with extra ankle length of 7 inches upfrom the semi-rigid non-skid sole.Care instructions: Suit--Hand wash cold, line dry or dryclean. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Head-spot cleanwith damp sponge, and allow to dry. 100% polyester costume.

Country of Origin: CHINA

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