Haunted Frame

Haunted Frame


Animated light-up talking haunted frame will surely scare all visitors! Slot on back of item makes it easy to hang. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Features motion sensor activated light-up eyes, moving mouth and spooky messages. Approximately 12 inches x 8.5 inches. The Haunted Frame says a variety of phrases that are repeated on a loop. Some of them includes: "I hope you like how I've decorated the place. It's not easy when you're nailed to a wall." "I tried to leave this haunted place but I'm nailed to the wall." "I hope you plan to stay a while, you will learn to love this spooky place. I know I have become quite attached to it." "Watch out you don't fall through the rotted floor boards! That's why I hang up here." "Who dares to enter into my dark and forbidding haunted mansion? Oh! It's just you. Okay." We have been expecting you in our home haunted home! Ha ha ha!

Country of Origin : CHINA

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