Usb Giant Spiders Digt Decor

Usb Giant Spiders Digt Decor

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Giant Spiders, with more than 40 effects chapters, was made to be an easy-to-use USB with many effects variations. For example, many spiders crawl from a hole in a cement wall, or in a sewer, or in fog! Using a video projector and a white cloth or projection screen, you can fill your windows with creepy Spiders, or project the Spiders directly onto a wall or the ground. You get single and multiple Spiders that are large, extra-large, and HUGE. Choosing the white background allows you to project the Spiders directly onto a wall or the ground, and the white light around the Spiders illuminates your wall without additional lighting. Choosing black backgrounds let you project the Spiders onto your white cloth or projection screen along with a variety of backgrounds. Where appropriate, many of the spider scenes also come in a soft-edge matted version. Great idea! Comes in a USB drive for convenience.

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Material of Construction : Plastic

Country of Origin : USA

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