Alice in Wonderland Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

MARCH HARE: Fur suit, hood, foot covers, vest
ALICE: Blue dress, apron, pantaloons
TWEEDLEDUM: Jumpsuit w/ hoop, collar, tie, beanie
TWEELEDEE: Jumpsuit w/ hoop, collar, tie, beanie
MOUSE: Grey fur jumpsuit, hood, foot covers
DODO: Fur bird suit, tights, hood, bird feet
EAGLET: Fur bird suit, tights, hood, bird feet
DOG: Fur jumpsuit, hood, foot covers
CATERPILLAR: Caterpillar jumpsuit, hood w/ antennae
FATHER WILLIAM: Coat, vest, shirt, tie, knickers, hose, shoe buckles
FATHER WILLIAM’S SON: Pants, hose ,shirt, hat
PIGEON: Fur bird suit, tights, bird feet
FOOTMAN FROG: Military coat, vest, knickers, hose, shoe buckles, ruffle
FISH FOOTMAN: Military coat, vest, knickers, hose, shoe buckles, ruffle
DUCHESS: Medieval dress, hat
COOK: Dress, apron, mop cap
MAD HATTER: Coat, shirt, tie, pants, top hat
EXECUTIONER: Knight pants, coat, hood, tabbard
SOLDIERS: Tunics, tights, tabbards, hats
GARDENERS: Tunics, hoods, tights, tabbards
GRYPHON: Fur bird suit, wings, tights, bird feet
TURTLE: Green suit, yellow shell, foot covers, hood
RED QUEEN: Dress, crown
WHITE QUEEN: Dress, cape, crown
WHITE RABBIT: White fur suit, foot covers, hood, ruffle collar, tabbard
COURTIERS: Coat, doublet, hat, tights
QUEEN OF HEARTS: Dress w/ hearts, crown
KING OF HEARTS: Tunic, tights, cape, crown