Annie Costume Plot

Cast & Costume: 


  1. Cotton dress , faded pinafore, worn cardigan sweater
  2. Pale flowered dress w/lace trimmed collar
  3. Add coat with caplet, trimmed with fur, fur hat
  4. Pleated dress, straw hat
  5. Sailor dress with pleated skirt, tie, and coat from above
  6. Red dress with white collar and cuffs
  7. Overcoat with trim


  1. Pale chenille trimmed robe, flowered flannel nightgown
  2. Print period dress trimmed w/lace
  3. Dress trimmed w/lace
  4. Coat

LITTLEST ORPHAN: Long underwear, later changes to dress

BUNDLES: Plaid wool jacket, worn work pants, cap

POLICEMAN: Period NYC double breasted uniform

HOOVERVILLE-ITES WOMEN: Assorted ragged coats, jackets & shawls over worn dresses & aprons, hats, scarves & gloves

HOOVERVILLE-ITES MEN: Worn & patched work pants, jackets or over-coats, old knit caps and beat-up felt hats, scarves


  1. Plaid cape & matching suit jacket, solid tailored skirt, ecru silk blouse w/ jabot, toast felt & satin hat, gloves & purse
  2. Coat trimmed w/fur, cloche hat w/ feather
  3. Silk blouse w/trim, pale skirt
  4. Silk dress & jacket
  5. Crepe dress w/ collar


  1. Expensive-looking pale double breasted wool suit
  2. Long overcoat w/velvet collar, silk scarf, felt hat, gloves
  3. Dark double breasted suit w/vest
  4. Single breasted suit w/vest
  5. Shawl-collared tuxedo

MRS. PUGH: Pale tiny print silk dress w/ high lace collar

DRAKE: Waiter style jacket & pants, waistcoat, wing collar, bow tie

MAIDS: Uniforms w/organdy aprons, headpiece

STAR TO BE: Coat, scarf, gloves, small felt hat


  1. Little rich girl – plaid coat, tam
  2. Santa – traditional red suit
  3. Depression victim – worn overcoat, cap, corduroy pants
  4. Hooker – plaid coat, dress, fur boa, flashy jewelry
  5. Actress – evening gown, wrap


  1. Loud pinstripe suit, mismatched vest, tie w/stud, bowler
  2. In disguise as Annie’s father – cloth overcoat, baggy dark pants, felt hat, scarf, gloves

BERT HEALY: Plaid suit & straw boater

NBC PAGE: Shirt, pleated pants, hat, tie

MASKED ANNOUNCER: Burgundy tailcoat w/ satin lapels, pants & vest, mask

BOYLAN SISTERS: Chiffon dresses w/lace cape-collars trimmed w/ flowers

VENTRILOQUIST: Dark single-breasted suit, long tie

SOUND EFFECTS MAN: Argyle sweater vest, pleated pants, bow-tie


  1. Floral dress w/wrap skirt, boa, flower hat
  2. In disguise as Annie’s mother – old print dress, wool coat, scarf, knit hat, mittens

FDR: Pinstripe double breasted suit

GENTLEMEN  FDR’S CABINET: Suits in various shades of gray

PERKINS: Suit w/cape, cut jacket, hat

ORPHANS: Unattractive and ragged jackets and sweaters, scarves, mittens, caps

SANDY: Dog costume

MALE SERVANTS: Black tails coat & pants, vest, wing collar shirt, bow tie