Annie Get Your Gun Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


  1. Ragged one-piece hillbilly sack dress
  2. Period blouse and western skirt
  3. Beaded cowgirl jacket, hat, blouse, skirt (not too fancy)
  4. Fancy western bodice, skirt, hat
  5. Ceremonial Indian dress and headpiece
  6. Period cowgirl costume
  7. Elaborate evening gown, medals, evening wrap, headpiece
  8. Fancy cowgirl costume

Dolly Tate:

  1. Traveling suit, hat
  2. Loud Kimono
  3. Fancy cowgirl outfit
  4. Ball gown & tiara
  5. Traveling suit, hat

Nellie, Jessie, Minnie:

  1. Ragged hillbilly dresses
  2. Pajamas & nightgowns
  3. Plain summer dresses
  4. Add coats & hats
  5. Dressy eyelet or Organdy frocks


  1. Cowgirl jacket and skirt
  2. Day dress
  3. 2nd day dress
  4. Evening gown, headpiece

Frank Butler:

  1. Fancy period cowboy jacket, shirt, string tie, pants, hat
  2. Flashy chaps, vest, shirt, bandana
  3. 2nd chaps & vest
  4. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants, 1 medal
  5. Western costume

Buffalo Bill:

  1. Dressy western jacket, shirt, string tie, pants, ten-gallon hat
  2. Frock coat, vest, shirt, tie, trousers
  3. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants

Charlie Davenport:

  1. Checked suit, shirt, tie, derby hat
  2. Sporty clothing, cowboy hat
  3. Another loud suit
  4. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants

Little Jake:

  1. Ragged overalls or pants, shirt, coonskin cap
  2. Shirt & pants
  3. Simple child’s suit, shirt, tie, cap
  4. Change of suit
  5. Child’s dress suit, shirt, tie

Sitting Bull:

  1. Blanket fringed pants, vest, feathered headpiece
  2. Add Long Ceremonial headdress
  3. Indian pants, shirt, opera hat
  4. Tails coat, colorful vest, shirt, tie, derby with feather & Indian trim
  5. Cutaway coat, Indian pants, vest, shirt, collar, tie, derby

Pawnee Bill:

  1. Fringed coat, pants, hat
  2. Tails coat, colorful vest, shirt, tie


  1. Fringe pants, Indian print shirt, vest, bandana, feather headband
  2. Pants, fancy print shirt, vest
  3. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants

Foster Wilson: Conservative suit, shirt, tie, hat

Mrs. Sylvia Porter: Elaborate evening gown, headpiece

Conductor: Uniform & cap

Train Waiter: Uniform with apron

Train Porter: Pullman Porter’s uniform, cap

Mac: Plaid suit, shirt, tie, cowboy hat

Sandwich Sign Men: Indian costumes with headdresses

Indian Squaws:Comic Indian costumes

Brevoort Ballroom Porter & Waiter: White jackets, shirt, ties, black pants

Footman: Cutaway coat, vest, striped trousers, shirt, tie

Man: Dressed to resemble "Frank Butler"

Little Girl: Period child’s dress

Dancing Girls:

  1. Summer dresses with parasols
  2. Vest, shirt, corset, skirt
  3. Ball gowns, headpieces

Singing Girls:

  1. Summer dresses with parasols
  2. Assorted period dresses, hats, parasols
  3. Evening gowns, headpieces

Dancing Men:

  1. Assorted Sack suits, cutaways, and cowboys
  2. Fancy cowboys
  3. Indian loincloths or trousers, headpieces
  4. Cowboy outfits similar to “Dancing Girls”

Singing Men:

  1. Assorted Sack suits, cutaways, and cowboys
  2. Indian jackets, pants, headpieces
  3. Tails coat, vest, shirt, tie, pant