Barnum Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


All Chorus members (clowns, bricklayers, tumblers, jugglers) have leotard and a pair of tights decorated with stripes, dots, checks, etc. in bright colors but appear worn or faded. These are worn under all garments listed in plot.

There's a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute -1835

Chairy Barnum: Jacket, Blouse, Skirt, Petticoat, Silver Locket

Barnum: Striped Shirt, Brocade Vest, Pants

Chorus: 1st Overdress: all have parts of costumes over tights and leotards, only principles are completely dressed

Women: Printed skirts hiked up, camisole tops or blouses, or bloomers and shawls, small hats

Men: Some in knickers, suspenders and caps, others in pants and vests or collarless shirts and pants

Thank God I'm Old -1835

Chairy Barnum: Repeat

Barnum: Repeat

Chorus: Repeat

Joice Heth: Dark print dress, much too large and hiked up at waist, patches of old lace on bodice and sleeves, print bloomers with lace at hem, printed mob cap with lace, baggy white tights

Amos Scudder: Brown frock coat, brocade vest, striped pants, wing collar shirt, ascot, black top hat

The Colors of My Life - 1842

Chairy: Repeat

Barnum: Repeat, add Black frock coat with velvet collar and cuffs

Chorus: Long aprons for 'waitresses', feathered hats for 'customers'

One Brick at a Time -1842

Chairy: Repeat

Barnum: Repeat without coat

Chorus: Women Repeat 1st overdress

Chorus: Men Oversized overalls brightly colored with large clown-like apple caps

Museum Song -1842

Barnum: Repeat

I Like Your Style -1842

Chairy: Repeat w/o Jacket, shirt sleeves rolled up and long apron; Off stage quick change to simple evening dress

Barnum: Repeat w/ frock coat

Mrs. Stratton: Very plain dress, dowdy New England style middle class

Amos Scudder: Repeat

Sherwood Stratton: Dark grey frock suit with vest, high collar shirt and black cravat, dowdy NE middle class

Bigger Isn't Better-London -1842

Tom Thumb: Royal Blue uniform with bright gold accessories, belt, epaulettes, etc.

Beefeaters: Beefeater Tunic, Stilt walker Pants, Ruffled collar, Hat

Railroad Station-New York City -1850

Chairy: Repeat with jacket

Barnum: Repeat with frock coat

Susan B. Anthony: Very drab period suit, small dark hat

Julius Goldschmidt: Very expensive looking frock suit, brocade vest, dark cravat, grey top hat, spats

Chorus Women: 1st dress over basics, very drab accessories, shawls, hats, jackets - 'suffragettes'

Chorus Men: Any men are dressed as 'suffragettes' with brighter bloomers, shawls, oversized hats with huge flowers

Love Makes Such Fools of Us All -1850

Jenny Lind:

  • Arrival: legant dress with parasol
  • After Concert: Repeat
  • Apartment: Elegant white lace underwear and corset, very full white pegnoir


  • Arrival: Repeat with Frock coat
  • After Concert: Elegant Black frock suit
  • Apartment: Black pants and white shirt dresses into black vest and frock coat onstage

Chorus:(Men Only)

  • Arrival: Long colorful cape over basics
  • After Concert: Elegant frock suits with top hats

Chairy After Concert: Repeat evening dress and add lace shawl

Out There (Tight wire) - 1850

Jenny Lind: Repeat underwear and corset

Barnum: Repeat first change without vest and frock coat

Chorus: Basic only


Come Follow the Band

Men Chorus: Collarless shirts, high button vests, pants/knickers some w/ suspenders, some belts, caps and derbies Tuxedo

Women Chorus: Variety of blouses, camisoles, full skirts

Barnum: White underwear shirt, oversized overalls in bright colors, yellow derby

The Band: Band Jackets, pants, hat

Black and White - 1869

Chairy: Silk dress with high collar, trimmed in black

Barnum: Dark Grey frock suit, pale grey vest with black trim, white shirt, black cravat

Lead Female Dancer: Black and white striped cakewalk dress, petticoats, black tights, feather headpiece

Lead Male Dancer: Black pants, black and white striped vest, white shirt, black flowing tie, black derby, grey spats

US Senators - 1871

Barnum: Repeat 'Black and White' costume

Senators: Repeat 'Black and White' Male Dancer adding matching frock coats

The Prince of Humbug - 1871

Barnum: Repeat 'Black and White' costume

Join the Chorus - 1880

Barnum: White jodhpurs, white vest with black and silver, white ruffle front shirt, white bow tie, Red ringmaster coat with black cuffs and collar, black top hat, boot tops

Bailey: Royal blue tails suit with stars and stripes details, red vest, white shirt w/ wing collar, black cravat, red/white/blue top hat

Chorus: Circus performers, acrobats, clowns, tumblers, jugglers, gymnasts and all are in shades of red, white and blue with silver. Basics are still visible