Beauty and the Beast Costume Rental Plot

Cast & Costume:

The primary set of characters is rented only as a whole. Additional costumes may be added, as needed, from the lower two lists.  The primary set at $2,400 for 1st week rental, additional weeks ½ price:


  1. Powernet bodysuit w/attached hairy chest, hump, black long-sleeved undershirt, torn breeches w/codpiece, purple cape, necklace, leather gloves w/claws, tail, boot tops with claw foot covers. *Wig, horns & mask NOT included but can be purchased separately
  2. Poet shirt and good breeches
  3. Blue velvet embellished tailcoat, jabot, jeweled vest, order sash


  1. Embroidered blue day dress with embroidered vest & apron, cape (worn later)
  2. Two piece gold ball gown w/ gloves, headpiece and hoop

Gaston: Red padded Jerkin with black breeches, belt and studded cuffs, boot tops, cape

Lefou: Long coat w/colorful trim, long plaid vest, shirt, paisley cravat, baggy pants


  1. Fancy gold & black cropped tailcoat, gold vest, black pants w/ gold stripes, candle hands w/flicker flame effect, ornate gold collar, fancy boot tops, candle headpiece (Act 2)
  2. Embroidered cropped coat, pants w/gold stripes, shirt, jabot, boot tops


  1. Structured 3-D clock coat with working door & pendulum, knickers, jabot, boot tops, headpiece, removable key and epaulettes
  2. Embroidered Louis XIV coat, black velvet embroidered vest, clock necklace, jabot, shirt

Mrs. Potts:

  1. Structured 3-D teapot dress w/ rose embroidered apron and bead embellished sleeve, removable spout arm, oversized mobcap, plastic teapot lid (for Act 2)
  2. 2 pc dress with rose pinafore apron, mob cap


  1. Copper skirt, bustier with jeweled front, copper shrug, underskirt with attached feathers, copper dust cap, duster wristbands (for Act 2)
  2. Black and white maid’s dress, apron, cap

Mdm. de la Grande Bouche:

  1. Collapsible armoire with working doors and drawer, shirt, petticoat, molded headpiece (for Act 2) Viking helmet (for battle scene)
  2. Marie Antoinette brocade gown with panniers


  1. 3-D tea cup head with saucer – CART NOT INCLUDED
  2. Shirt, breeches,socks and hat to coordinate with Mrs. Potts

4 Plates: Sequined bustier, leotard, headpiece, 3 ½ ft. rose pattern plate

4 Napkins: Pink can-can style dress with silver napkin ring waist cinch, headpiece, trunks

4 Flatware: Gold brocade vest and knickers, gold Lycra leotard and socks, gold jabot, 4ft. gold flatware w/shoulder and waist straps

Additional Costumes at $75 each for 1st week rental, additional weeks 1/2 price

Beast Double: Powernet bodysuit w/attached hairy chest, hump, poet shirt, breeches w/ codpiece, claw hands, boot tops (use cape, tail, necklace & claw foot covers from Beast)

Enchantress: Dark cape, long elaborate gown (Specify flying or non-flying version)

Belle Library: Rose and pink period gown

Belle Finale: Elaborate gold gown with red rose and pearl accents, headpiece (reuse hoop, gloves)

Gaston: Mustard jerkin, shirt, black studded cuffs, rust pants, (repeat belt & boot tops)

Enchanted Objects: Rug, Salt and Pepper shakers, Cheese grater, Egg Beater, Corkscrew, Sugar Bowl, Whisk Broom, Flower Vase, Pie Server, Menu

Additional Flatware: Choose spoons, forks, knives (See description from core)

Additional Plates: See description from core

Additional Napkins: See description from core

Prince Finale: Embroidered blue velvet jacket, jeweled waistcoat, fancy jabot, repeat necklace shirt and breeches

Additional Costumes at $50 each for 1st week rental, additional weeks 1/2 price

Young Prince: Cape, crown, poet shirt, necklace, breeches, boot tops

Maurice: Inventor helmet, breeches, belt, neckerchief, shirt, mismatched socks, vest

Maurice Wedding: Fancy shirt, vest, breeches, belt, lace ruffled collar, mismatched socks

Gargoyles: Mask, unitard, 3-D wings and claw hands

Wolves: Mask w/fur mane, hands, bodysuit with fur haunches and tail

Silly Girls: Assorted colorful skirts, corsets, blouses, aprons, petticoat

Msr. D’Arque: Black frock suit, cape, top hat

Morning Villagers: Colorful period peasant outfits and assorted tradespeople

Mob Villagers: Dark period peasant outfits with assorted capes and hats – or dark capes only can be ordered at $22.50 each to cover Act I outfits

Finale Ball Men: Period formal attire

Finale Ball Women: Period ball gowns with hoops, gloves

This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

The following additional items may be purchased for this show:

Makeup & Rubber Prosthetics

Wigs, beards and moustaches

Full boots