Brigadoon Costume Plot

Cast & Costume: 

TIME: 18th Century; May PLACE: Highlands of Scotland


Scene 1: A forest in the Highlands - around five in the morning (present day).

Tommy Albright: Tweed jacket, sweater vest, hat, shirt, pants

Jeff: Tweed jacket, hat, shirt, pants

Scene 2: A road in Brigadoon - MacConnachy Square; later that morning.

Harry Beaton, Andrew MacLaren, Sandy Dean, Archie Beaton, Angus McGuffie, Charlie Dalrymple: Kilts, full sleeved shirt or blouse, tam or glengarie hat, hose buckles,plaids

Townfolk, Men: Kilts of assorted plaids , plaid shirts,belts and sporrans, tam or glengarie

Townfolk, Women: Plain full skirted dresses assorted colors, plaid scarf over the shoulder to match men's kilts

Maggie: Plain colored dress with colored. underskirt, side of dress tucked up to waist to show underskirt

Meg: Bright colored materials slightly overdone - Yellow waist cinch, red blouse, green skirt, orange underskirt

Jean: Simple dress with petticoats, waist cinch

Fiona: Dress and plaid to match Andrew MacLaren

Scene 3: The Brockie open shed. Just past noon

Jeff, Meg: No change from previous scenes

Scene 4: The MacLaren house. Mid-afternoon

Jean, Fiona: Optional change

Jeff: Plaid pants

All Others: Same

Scene 5: Outside the house of Mr. Lundie. Immediately following.

Mr. Lundie: Black long vest, white shirt, knickers, dark socks, shoe buckles

Others: No change

Scene 6: Outside the kirk of Brigadoon. Dusk.

Townfo1k, Men: Add vest, breccons, sporrans to Act I, Scene 2

Female Chorus: Add belts and breccons to match boys

Boy dancers: Add vest, sporrans, etc.

Girl dancers: Add crowns of flowers for bridesmaids

Charlie: Add jacket, sporran, belt, etc.

Jean: Light colored Wedding dress, veil, floral crown, 3/4 length breccon

Fiona: Simple dress, waist cinch, red dress, breccon

Harry, Archie Beaton, Sandy, Angus: All add coat and tams

Meg: Change of dress

Mr. Lundie: Jacket, knickers, breccon, white shirt, tricorn hat


Scene 1: A forest inside Brigadoon. Later that night.

Harry: Remove jacket, add torn and bloody blouse

All others: Repeat Act 1, Scene 6

Scene 2: Roadside - same as Act One. Immediately following.

All Characters: Repeat

Scene 3: The glen. Soon after.

Maggie (Lead dancers): Black jersey leotard, full skirt with colored underskirt

Bagpipers: Traditional outfits

All others: Repeat

Scene 4: A bar in New York City, four months later.

Jeff: Business suit

Frank: Bartenders outtfit

Tommy: Business suit

Jane Ashton: Very sexy cocktail dress, fur shawl, elbow gloves

Scene 5: The forest - same as Act 1, Scene1. Three nights later.

Jeff: Same as Act 1, Scene 1

Tommy: Same as Act 1, Scene 1

Mr. Lundie: Shirt and knickers