Guys and Dolls Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


Scene 1: Broadway

2 Shady Broadway Characters: Sharp suits, loud ties, hats

Man with Newspaper: Business suit, hat

2 Bobbysoxers: School girl outfits

Sightseeing Guide: Dark suit with cap

Sightseers: Tourist clothes

Actor: Well tailored suit, homburg hat

Actress: Overdone dress, hat

2 Chorus Girls: Sweaters, slacks

2 Street Walkers: Garish, cheap dress

Woman Street Vendor: Shabby, out-dated clothes

Policeman: Double-breasted police uniform, cap, billy club

Sightseeing Texan: Suit, ten gallon hat

Sightseeing Texan's Wife: Tourist type clothes

Sidewalk Photographer: Sharp suit

2nd Actor: On back of tux: "Pessimo"

2nd Actress: On back of gown: "Cigars"

Man Paper Doll Vendor: Sharp Suit

Paper Doll Vendor's Asst: Jazzy Dress

Prizefighter: Khaki pants, turtleneck sweater

Prizefighter's Manager: Sharp suit

Blind Man: Shabby old suit, hat and sign

Benny Southstreet: Loud striped suit

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Loud checkered suit

Rust Charlie: Sharp suit

Sarah Brown: Save-A-Soul Mission uniform

Arvide Abernathy, 2 Other Women: Same as Sarah

Harry the Horse: Sharp suit

Lt. Brannigan: Conservative dark suit, hat

Nathan Detroit: Sharp suit, blue tie

5 Crap Shooters: Loud suits

Angie the Ox: Loud suit

Adelaide: Gaudy dress

3 "Hot Box" Chorus Girls: Sweaters, slacks

Sky Masterson: Sharp suit, black shirt, tie, hat

Mission Belles: Save-A-Soul uniform

Scene 2: Save-A-Soul Mission

All characters: No change

Scene 3: Phone Booth

All characters: No change

Scene 4: The "Hot Box" Nightclub

MC: Tuxedo

Adelaide: Red gingham Farmerette costume

Dancing Girls: Blue Farmerette costumes

Customers: Assorted period clothes

Nathan: No change

Waiter: Tuxedo

Adelaide: Change to dressing gown

Mimi: Short robe

Scene 5: Street Off Broadway

Guy: Business suit

Doll: Snappy dress

All Others: No change

Scene 6: Save-A-Soul Mission

Sky: Change to another sharp suit, tie, hat

General Cartwright: Save-A-Soul leader uniform

All Others: No change

Scene 7: Off Broadway

Big Julie: Ill-fitting loud suit

Nathan: Another change

Adelaide: Snappy suit

All Others: No change

Scene 8: Havana

Man: Dinner jacket

Woman: Cocktail dress

Sky: No change

Sarah: Drop hat and jacket, open blouse at neck

Waiter: Tux

Cuban Dancing Girls: Very sexy rumba costume

Cuban Dancing Boys: Pants, rumba shirt

Waiter: Shoddy

Scene 9: Havana Exterior

All Characters: No change

Scene 10: Mission Exterior

Adelaide: Dress

4 Members of the Chorus: Dresses, sweaters, slacks, etc

Drunk: Suit

2 Policemen: Double-breasted police uniform, cap, billy club

Guy: Sharp suit

All Others: No change


Scene 1: "Hot Box"

Patrons: Cocktail clothes

Adelaide and Girls: Jewel tone lame breakaway gowns, mink stoles, pearls.  Sequin showgirl bodysuit & skirt, hats, gloves

MC: No change

Sky: No change but mussed

Waiter: No change

Adelaide: No change

Scene 2: Street Exterior

Sarah: Back to complete uniform

All Others: No change

Scene 3: Sewer

All Characters: No change

Scene 4: Street Off Broadway

Adelaide: Suit

All Others: No change

Scene 5: Interior of Mission

All Characters: No change

Scene 6: Street Off Broadway

Adelaide: Long coat, change to wedding dress, veil

Man: Suit

Sarah: No change, add cape

Nathan: Elegant cutaway outfit

Sky: Change to Save - A - Soul Mission Uniform

Chorus Girls: Bridesmaids

Calvin, Arvide, Martha, Agatha, Brannigan: No change

All Others in Ensemble: Back to 1-1