Hairspray Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

Tracy Turnblad:

  1. Skirt & blouse
  2. Skirt & blouse
  3. )Gym clothes
  4. Mr. Pinky’s dress (matches Edna)
  5. Black & white dress

Edna Turnblad:

  1. House dress
  2. Simple dress
  3. Mr. Pinky’s dress (matches Tracy)
  4. Day dress
  5. Sparkly Finale dress

Amber Von Tussle:

  1. Fussy dance dress
  2. Plainer school dress
  3. Gym clothes
  4. Fancy dance dress

Penny Pingleton:

  1. Plain dress
  2. Nicer dress
  3. Gym clothes
  4. Fancy dress

Velma Von Tussle:

  1. Fussy dress
  2. Dress or suit
  3. Very fancy feminine dress
  4. Fancy dress (optional change)

Link Larkin:

  1. Period suit
  2. Sweater, shirt, tie, pants
  3. Gym clothes
  4. Period suit

Prudy Pingleton:

  1. Matronly dress
  2. Matronly dress with jacket

Wilber Turnblad:

  1. Shirt & pants
  2. Add sweater & tie
  3. Overcoat & hat

Motormouth Maybelle:

  1. Colorful caftan
  2. Colorful pant suit or dress
  3. Guard uniform

Corny Collins:

  1. Fancy suit
  2. Bright lame suit jacket & pants
  3. Fancy jacket & pants


  1. Period day wear
  2. Nice dance suit
  3. Guard uniform

The Dynamites(3):

  1. Sparkly dresses
  2. Matching dresses with smocks

Mr. Pinky: Obnoxious suit coat & pants

Spritzer: Somber suit

Little Inez:

  1. Little girl day dress
  2. Fancier youthful dance dress

Matron: Prison worker uniform

Guards: Prison uniforms

Police: Shirt, pants, tie, hat

Beatnik: Black turtleneck, pants or shirt, beret

Gym Teacher: Shorts & t-shirt


  1. Plain street clothes
  2. Gym clothes
  3. Bright party dress


  1. Assorted street wear
  2. Day wear
  3. Fancy dance wear

Council Mothers: Fancy day wear

Black Ensemble Chorus:

  1. Day wear
  2. Gym clothes
  3. Dance wear