Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


  1. Full sleeve shirt, vest with lace up front, pants.
  2. Rainbow coat with appliques.
  3. Torn, bloody duplicate of rainbow coat.
  4. Duplicate of first shirt with torn sleeves and neck.
  5. Chest plate, Egyptian skirt, metallic lame Egyptian headpiece, gold gauntlets.

JACOB: Full length long sleeve robe, overrobe, rope tie, headpiece.

INTERPRETER: Flashy jacket, top, and pants.


  1. Traditional biblical robes.
  2. Straw birdnest hat, bandana.
  3. Beret, neck scarf.
  4. Cowboy hats.

ISHMAELITES: Full length robes, over robes, Arabian headpiece.

POTIPHAR: Leopard skin Egyptian loin drape, elaborate collar, head drape with trim, full cape with trim, under tunic.

MRS. POTIPHAR: Nefertiti style Egyptian garment and headpiece.

POTIPHAR’S GUARDS: Red and black Egyptian loin drape, collar and cuffs; red head drape.

BUTLER: Red and black Egyptian loin drape, waiter’s jacket, Egyptian collar with bowtie.

BAKER: Black and white check Egyptian loin drape, collar with check trim, chef’s coat and hat.

PHAROAH: Jeweled trimmed Egyptian skirt with matching top and collar, white and gold gauntlets.

PHAROAH’S GUARDS: Egyptian loin drape, full collar, cuff pieces, head drape, spear.


  1. Full length robes, drapes, sash, headpiece.
  2. Multi colored long dress, collar, rope tie, beaded headpiece.
  3. Optional fruit headpieces.
  4. Assorted go-go dresses.

MALE CHORUS: Psychedelic shirts and bell bottoms.