Mary Poppins Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

Mary Poppins:

  1. Black jacket, skirt, blouse, hat
  2. Blue coat, skirt, blouse, tie, apron
  3. Pink and white dress with matching hat
  4. Red coat
  5. Purple coat


  1. Distressed pants, collarless shirt, jacket, cap, bandana
  2. Pastel frock suit, matching vest, shirt, tie, matching cap
  3. Brown pants, earth-tone patchwork vest, jacket, bandana
  4. Red patchwork vest
  5. Blue patchwork vest

Mr. Banks:

  1. Dark suit, shirt, tie
  2. Add overcoat and hat

Mrs. Banks:

  1. Blouse and skirt
  2. Day dress
  3. Blouse and skirt
  4. Skirt and Blouse with matching coat
  5. Day dress

Jane Banks:

  1. Day dress
  2. Overcoat and hat
  3. Nightgown

Michael Banks:

  1. Knickers’ suit, shirt, tie, cap
  2. Overcoat and cap
  3. Pajamas

Mrs. Brill: Cook’s uniform

Robertson Ay: Butler’s uniform

Katie Nanna: Nanny’s uniform

Bird Lady: Distressed coat, hat, and dress

Queen Victoria: Red 2-piece dress with crown

Miss Smythe: Secretary’s blouse and skirt

Miss Andrew: Dark day dress, cape, bonnet

Admiral Boom: Naval uniform, hat

Bank Chairman: Grey swallowtail coat, shirt, vest, stripe ascot, stripe pants

Bank Board Members: Assorted Grey swallowtail coat, shirt, vest, stripe ascot, stripe pants


  1. Men: assorted dark pants, shirts, ties, arm garters
  2. Women: assorted dark skirts, blouses, bow ties, arm garters

Northbrook: Simple suit, shirt, tie

Von Hussler: 3 piece suit, shirt, tie

Park Keeper: Park ranger’s uniform, hat

Policeman: Policeman’s uniform, hat, badge

Miss Lark: Eccentric day dress, hat

Mrs. Corry: Bright, eccentric dress with apron.  Optional pastry-shop shelf bustle – additional charge

Fannie: Bright, eccentric dress with apron.  Optional pastry-shop shelf bustle – additional charge

Annie: Bright, eccentric dress with apron.  Optional pastry-shop shelf bustle – additional charge

Pastry Shop People:

  1. Men: Assorted bright colored suits, pants, shirts, vests
  2. Women: Assorted bright colored dresses, skirts, blouses, bonnets, hats

Doorman: Pants, coat, hat

Messenger: Uniform coat, pants, hat

(8) Statues/Neleus: Assorted statue unitards with headpiece

"Jolly Holiday" People:

  1. Men: assorted pastel suits, shirts, ties, hats
  2. Women: assorted pastel day dresses, skirts, blouses, bonnets, hats

Valentine:  Tan unitard, pillow body, hands & feet covers, hat with yarn hair (matching doll prop)


  1. Toy Soldier: uniform, hat
  2. Teddy Bear: fur suit, mascot head or hood, mitts
  3. Baby Doll: frilly pastel dress with bonnet
  4. Raggedy Ann: blue pinafore dress, striped stockings, red-yarn wig with mobcap
  5. Raggedy Andy: blue overalls, shirt, red-yarn wig with sailor hat
  6. *Many other additional toy costumes are also available

Chimney Sweeps: Assorted distressed pants, collarless shirts, vests, jackets, bandanas, caps

(13) Starlighters: Blue star jackets, pants, vests, caps, bandanas