Spamalot Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

Historian: Norfolk jacket, pants shirt bowtie vest

Finland mayor: Bright vest, pants, shirt, hat

Finland peasant (F): Assorted dirndls, skirts, vest, blouse aprons bright color

Finland peasant (M): Assorted Breeches, shirts, vest or jacket, hat

England/Monks: Monks robe, hood with cowl, rope tie

King Arthur: Gold chainmail shirt, pants, Sun/yellow tabard, belt/gloves, crown with mail veil

Patsy: Tattered pants, distressed henley, tattered/distressed tunic, rope belt, hood (Backpack not included)

Tower guard: Undergarments, tabard, helmet

English peasants: Distressed pants, tunic shirts, rope tie, vest

Dead Fred: Same as peasants

Cart driver: Distressed pants, tunic, vest, cap

Peasant (Dennis): Distressed over shirt, pants, rope tie, vest or poncho

Mrs. Galahad: Distressed blouse, skirt, apron, shawl or capelet or ragged dress

Lady of the Lake: Frond dress, Shell bustier, underskirt, headpiece, drape

Laker girls: Shell front leotard, Blue sparkle trunks, seaweed skirts, w/removable pom poms, cape, seaweed headpiece

Galahad: Chainmail shirt, pants, Red/white cross tabard, gauntlet gloves, cowl, belt

Sir Bedevere: Blue/White tree tabard, chainmail shirt, pants, gauntlet gloves, cowl, belt, add helmet

Sir Lancelot: Black and white tear away tabard, belt, black/silver chainmail top and pants, gauntlet gloves, cowl

Sir Robin: Green/white check/Rooster tabard, chainmail shirt, pants, gauntlet gloves, cowl, belt

Sir not appearing: Poet shirt, breeches, chest plate, gold barber's basin helmet, (Don Quixote)

Camelot girls: Vegas showgirls with feather headpieces

Ensemble Knights: Assorted tabards, chainmail sleeves, pants, cowls, belts

*Lady of the lake: Sequin cat suit, beaded headpiece, Stripper armor, gloves, arms, legs, chest, helmet

Nun: Gown, scapular, chasuble, wimple, flying nun headpiece

Lady of the lake: White and gold Grail dress

Laker girls: White crushed velvet gowns, gold brocade hats with removable veils

French Taunters: Bullet helmet, cowl, grey/black studded tunic, textured undershirt, black knickers, boot tops

French women: Red can-can skirts and bodice, feather headpiece

Eponine: Coat, cap, pants

Gendarme: Uniform coat, pants, hat

Napoleon: Uniform Coat, vest, pants, hat, boot tops

Mime: Stripe shirt, black pants, neckerchief

Knight of Ni: Horned helmet, extra long brown underskirt for stilts, textured earth tone robe, rust cape

Knights of Ni: Brown robe, rust cape, horned helmet

Minstrels: Jester tunics, tights, headpiece

*Black Knight: Black turtleneck, Black/red tabard, with cape, rigging for cut-off arms with arms, gloves, helmet, black pants, greaves

All knights: Add bottle hats and grails

Concorde: Distressed Henley, dist tunic, pants, hood, and rope tie

Lady of the Lake: Fancy dressing gown with bustier and trunks

Prince Herbert: Chemise add fruit headpiece

Prince Herbert father: Robe with fur collar over robe

Guards: Floral trimmed helmets, gold and maroon tunics, pants, bootops

Lancelot: Remove tabard, sequin codpiece, gold and silver sequin tops

Male Ensemble: Colorful mambo pants and tie tops

Lady of the Lake: Green or blue gown

Tim: Black robe with grey over vest and tattered cape. Ram horn leather hood

*Sir Bors: Red/White Tabard, shoulder and neck piece(hides head) helmet with fake head, gloves

Brother Maynard: White robe, brown scapular, brown hood with attached collar

*Lady of the Lake: Blue medieval gown converts instantly to wedding gown

Laker Girls: Short white velvet dresses with headpiece

Principle Knights: Add white tails coats over their tabards and white top hat

Prince Herbert: Cream and bead gown with cream/gold/red over dress for wedding with headpiece

Lancelot: Blue and green brocade jeweled robe with matching hat

Sir Robin: 1) White tails coat with lame lapels, green and white check vest & bowtie, shirt, pants, top hat

* Indicates special rental rates for these costumes