Fiddler on the Roof


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


  1. Black pants, striped shirt, prayer shawl, black vest, bootops, cap.
  2. Black wedding coat with belt, white collarless shirt, black yarmulke.
  3. Nightgown.


  1. Dark skirt, jacket, headscarf, print blouse, apron, petticoat, short shawl.
  2. For wedding-two piece black dress, shawl with fringe.


  1. Black wedding coat, derby, white shirt with small collar, black vest.
  2. Dark pants, striped collarless shirt, prayer shawl, black sweater vest, leather apron, yarmulke, cap.


  1. Nice dress to floor with belt.
  2. Simple wedding dress, petticoat, waist length veil.


  1. Full skirt, petticoat, blouse, jacket, apron, headscarf.
  2. Child’s dress, pinafore.

GRANDMA TZEITEL: White two piece dress, petticoat, white shawl.

FRUMA SARAH: Two man flowing tunic with chiffon drape, veiled headpiece.

THE CONSTABLE: Dark pants, military jacket, Sam Browne belt, bootops, cap.

FYEDKA: Black peasant pants, Russian blouse with belt, bootops, Russian cap.

RABBI: Black pants, black vest, white collarless shirt, yarmulke.

PERCHIK: Dark pants, dark shirt, long overcoat, waist sashes, military cape.

YUSSEL: Dark pants, light shirt, prayer shawl, bootops, double vested vest, yarmulke, wide brimmed black hat.

PRIEST: Black pants, black robe, black shawl, black turban type hat with drape, cross.

MORDCHA: Striped peasant pants, loose shirt, baggy pullover vest, bootops, cap, prayer shawl.

AVRAM: Black pants, black vest, collarless shirt, prayer shawl, long dark overcoat, cap, cane.

NAHUM: Pants, shirt, vest, ragged overcoat, cap, prayer shawl.

MENDEL: Black pants, vest, overcoat, shirt, scarf, wide brimmed hat, prayer shawl.

SHANDEL: Black skirt, blouse, white apron, plaid shawl, headscarf.

LAZAR WOLF: Black pants, bootops, shirt, checked vest, flat top felt hat, knee-length overcoat, p. shawl.

CHAVA: Ankle length dress, pinafore, hair bow.

SHPRINTZE: Ankle length child’s dress.

BIELKE: Ankle length child’s dress.

FIDDLER: Ragged pants, shirt, vest, prayer shawl, overcoat, cap.

BOTTLE DANCERS: Wedding coat, bottle hat.

WOMAN VILLAGERS: Full skirt, petticoat, blouse, apron, headscarf, and either shawl, sweater, or jacket.

MALE CHORUS: Black pants, vest, shirt, prayer shawl, hat.