Funny Girl Costume Plot


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


Scene 1: Fanny’s Dressing Room, New Amsterdam Theatre

Fanny: Lust 1920s Evening Coat

Stagehands: Assorted pants, shirts, vest, etc.

John: (Stage Manager) Similar to above

Emma: Maid’s uniform

Mrs. Brice, Mrs. O’Malley, Mrs. Meeker: Assorted middle class 1910 dresses and/or suits

Mrs. Strakosh:

Scene 2: Keeny’s Backstage

Eddie Ryan: Jazzy period suit, vest, hat

Keeney: Conservative character suit

Fanny: Middy blouse, bloomers

Add coat & hat (1/2 costume)

Chorus Girls: Assorted dresses used for rehearsal clothes

Scene 3: Front of Keeney’s Music Hall

Heckie: taxi driver’s uniform

Workman: overalls, Henley shirts, etc.

Wardrobe Mistress: smock, simple dress

Scene 4: Backyard, Fanny’s neighborhood

Eddie: repeat

Fanny: repeat middy and bloomers

Mrs. Brice: Add shawl or wrapper

Scene 5: Keeney’s Music Hall, On stage

Eddie: optional suit change, hat

Snub Taylor: lead dancer’s suit, derby

Dancing Boys: suits with derbies

Dancing Girls: street type dance costumes with camisoles & bloomers under

Fanny: similar to above only more outstanding

Scene 6: Keeney’s Backstage Dressing Room

Dancing Girls: change into street clothes

Eddie: repeat

Nick Arnstein: full dress tails, shirt, top hat

Keeney: repeat

Fanny: change to period dress or suit

Showgirls: lush evening gowns, stoles, gloves

Scene 7: Mrs. Brice’s Kitchen

Mrs. Brice: repeat

Mrs. O’Malley: repeat

Eddie: dress with long sleeves, “fur coat” with detachable collar to fit onto dress

Fanny: repeat

Mrs. Strakosh: add coat & hat (1/2 costume)

Scene 8: Backstage, New York Theatre

Director: period suit

John: optional change

Fanny: plain dressing gown

Mimsey: rehearsal grab with large headdress

Ziegfeld: conservative suit

Scene 9: Grand Finale of Zeigfeld Follies

Jenny & Showgirls: assorted showgirl Bridal gowns

Dancing Girls: bridesmaid dancing girl costumes

Dancing Boys: cutaway coats, stripped pants, shirts, ascots

Tenor: same as above

Jody: same as above

Fanny: Bridal gown with pregnant padding

Scene 10: Backstage Follies

Eddie: Tuxedo

Mrs. Brice: simple period evening gown

Fanny: optional dressing gown

Emma: repeat

Nick: add Opera Cape

Extras: assorted first nighters’ in full evening attire

Scene 11: Henry Street

Singers & Dancers: middle class, neighbors & guest attire

Mrs. Brice: repeat

Nick: repeat

Fanny: lush gown

Mrs. Strakosh: repeat

Mrs. O’Malley: repeat

Mrs. Meeker: repeat

Scene 12: Mrs. Brice’s Saloon

Adolph: bartender’s garb

Heckie: repeat

Scene 13: A Private Dining Room, Baltimore

Paul: livery

Nick: tuxedo

Fanny: another lush gown with stole or wrap

Scene 14: Baltimore Railroad Terminal

John: add top coat

Chorus: add top coats, hats, etc.

Eddie: another suit

Emma: add coat, hat

Porter: uniform

Ticket Seller: shirt, pants, eyeshade

Conductor: uniform

Messenger: uniform

Nick: add black top coat, homburg

Fanny: suit or dress, hat

Ziegfeld: add top coat & hat


Scene 1: Arnstein’s Long Island Mansion

Eddie: suit change

Fanny: traveling suit or dress

Coat & hat (1/2 costume)

Nick: suit change

Emma: optional uniform change

Mrs. Brice: afternoon period dress

Male & Female Guests: assorted dressy afternoon clothes

Ziegfeld: optional change

Footman: livery

Jody: suit, shirt, tie

John: suit, shirt, tie

Ben: suit, shirt, tie

Scene 2: Mrs. Brice’s Saloon

Mrs. Brice: repeat 1-1, add shawl

Mrs. Strakosh: repeat 1-1

Eddie: repeat

Scene 3: Backstage, New Amsterdam Theater - 1920

Vera: rehearsal clothes

Jenny: rehearsal clothes

Ziegfeld: optional change

Fanny: rehearsal clothes

Eddie: add sweater

Nick: repeat top coat & homburg

Scene 4: On Stage

Showgirls: patriotic costumes

Male Singers, Dancers: WW1 uniforms

Girl Dancers: WW1 uniforms (abbreviated versions of above)

Jenny: same as above

Fanny: misfit doughboy uniform, hat (left breast pocket tears away to reveal medals)

Scene 5: Fanny’s Dressing Room

Guest: first nighter attire

Emma: shorter maid’s uniform

Eddie: repeat tuxedo

Nick: dapper suit

Mrs. Brice: optional change of evening gown

Scene 6: Study, Arnstein’s House

Nick: repeat

Ronaldi: conservative suit

Fanny: 1920s period gown or dress

Scene 7: Backstage, New Amsterdam Theatre

John: repeat

Emma: repeat

Girls: repeat rehearsal clothes

Jody, Ben, Boys: repeat rehearsal clothes

Stagehands: repeat

Mrs. Brice: Simple daytime dress

Eddie: sweater, slacks

Fanny: lush coat

Add elaborate gown (used as show costume in next scene)

Scene 8: On Stage

Fanny: gown from above

Scene 9: Fanny’s Dressing Room

Fanny: repeat coat from 1 - 1

Add chemise, Indian costume

John: repeat

Emma: repeat

Ziegfeld: optional change

Nick: optional change