The King and I


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

CAPTAIN CROTON: Navy blue British Navy coat, pants, shirt, string tie, cap.


  1. Child’s suit with tie, blouse, cap, stockings.
  2. Knickers, vest, shirt, tie socks.


  1. Traveling dress with hoop, hat, bag, parasol.
  2. Skirt, blouse, hoop.
  3. Afternoon dress, hoop.
  4. Negligee or dress with jacket.
  5. Elaborate formal gown , work smock.
  6. Shawl.

SLAVES: Siamese trousers, leather shoulder straps, coolie hats.

INTERPRETER: Pants, tunic.


  1. Phanung, necklace, belt, gauntlets.
  2. Black top with gold frogs, black & gold brocade skirt, gold medallion.
  3. Red jacket, plaid skirt.

COURT DANCERS: Penangs, tops.

MAKE-UP PEOPLE: Plain Siamese clothes.


  1. Siamese pants, jacket.
  2. Black flecked siamese shirt, plaid brocade penang.
  3. Burgundy velvet jacket, shirt, penang, order sash, velvet jeweled overcoat,hat.
  4. Jacket, penangs.

PHRA ALACK: Trousers, tunic.


  1. Burmese penang, tunic, ornate overcoat.
  2. Full pant, vest, turban, plaid brocade penang.
  3. Simple Siamese jacket, pants, pant, coolie hat.

FEMALE ATTENDANT: Simple Siamese clothes.


  1. Skirt, peplum jacket, with jewels, headpiece.
  2. Nightgown.
  3. Siamese skirt, drape bodice, pagoda headpiece, gold bracelets (ballet).
  4. Tear away priest robe.

AMAZONS: Pants, tops, headpieces.


  1. Assorted saris, top, drape.
  2. Lady Thiang only - Siamese skirt, European bodice.
  3. Night clothes.
  4. Assorted finished and unfinished hoop skirt dresses.


  1. Tunic, penang, headpiece.
  2. Night clothes.


  1. Tunic, penung, donut headpiece.
  2. Ceremonial dress - white & gold brocade penang, Siamese shirt, elaborate overcoat, headpiece.

PRIESTS: Buddhists priest robes.

SEAMSTRESS: Assorted sarongs.

EVA: Pink brocade top, Siamese skirt, belt, headpiece with gold metallic curls (ballet).

TOPSY: Turquoise brocade top with gold jeweled collar, Siamese skirt, belt, black wire braided headpiece (ballet).

UNCLE THOMAS: Gold two piece tunic & penang, jeweled Siamese epaulettes, belt, painted mask.

ANGEL GEORGE: Rust two piece tunic & penang, silver jeweled Siamese epaulettes, belt, silver beaded pagoda headpiece, jeweled wings.

BUDDHA: Gold & jeweled mask, gold Buddhist robe.

SIMON OF LEGREE: Black & gold velvet penangs, black & gold velvet Siamese shirt with jeweled sleeves, gold jeweled epaulettes, belt, ornate mask with attached pagoda headpiece, long black fingernails.

DOGS: Red bengaline tunics, penangs, black, gold, & red brocade cross straps, epaulettes, ornate dog masks.

SLAVES: Same as dogs, without masks.

FEMALE PROCESSION DANCERS: Assorted white & gold penangs, phanung skirts, brocade metallic tops, beaded headpieces.

MALE PROCESSION DANCERS: Metallic gold & white plaid penangs, white bengaline vest with metallic trim.

PROCESSION ELEPHANTS: Ornate masks, white tunics with very long sleeves, pants.

SIR EDWARD RAMSEY: Formal tails suit, ambassador’s sash, medals.

ELIZA: Siamese skirt, drape bodice, pagoda headpiece, gold bracelets (ballet).

ATTENDANTS: Siamese boys.

DRUMMER: Siamese boy.

SINGERS (Ballet): Peach metallic & orange bengaline skirt, overtunic, with jeweled collar, jeweled pagoda headpieces.

PROCESSION: Musicians, girls with ceremonial masks, dragon banner bearers, girls dressed as birds.

GUARDS: Orange penangs, leather shoulder epaulettes, coolie hats.

TOWNSPEOPLE, CHILDREN: Siamese costumes.