This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 

Workhouse boys: Assorted rough distressed breeches, pants, shirts, vests etc…

Widow Corney:

  1. Unkempt housedress, apron, mob cap
  2. Dark dress nicer than first, bonnet, shawl

Oliver Twist:

  1. Ragged shirt, pants, cap, neckerchief add scarf
  2. Night Shirt
  3. Eaton jacket, breeches, socks, vest, tie, Perry collar shirt, cap

Mr. Bumble: Navy and red caped great coat, vest, neck ruffle, breeches, poet shirt, socks, shoe buckles, bicorn hat

Mr. Sowerberry: Black undertaker’s long coat, black vest, shirt, string tie, trousers

Mrs. Sowerberry: Black dress, apron, shawl, mob cap

Charlotte: Rough dress, mob cap, apron

Noah Claypole: Well worn jacket, shirt, knickers, rough stockings

Artful Dodger: Rough tailcoat, vest, rough shirt, large dbl. bow, ¾ length pants, distressed top hat, fingerless gloves

Fagin: Long multicolored coat with inside pockets, long vest, collarless shirt, pants, hat, fingerless gloves, neckerchief, long scarf, prayer shawl

Fagins boys: Assorted jackets, shirts, vests, ¾ length pants (all ill fitting)

Nancy: Simple red dress, fairly low cut, black underskirt, dark bloomers (add tattered shawl)

Mr. Brownlow:

  1. Frock coat, vest, contrast pants, ruffled high collared shirt, cravat, gloves, top hat
  2. Optional change of suit (add cape and hat)

Bet: Unkempt simple dress, bloomers, shawl

Bill Sikes: Shabby midlength coat, vest, henley or collarless shirt, scarf, rough pants, bootops, wide belt, hat

Chairman at Inn: Rough unkempt jacket, pants shirt neckerchief, cap

Customers: Assorted low class, rough period clothes

Mrs. Bedwin: Nice simple dress, apron, mobcap suitable for a housekeeper

Dr. Grimwig: Frock coat, vest pants, high neck shirt, cravat, Inverness cape, top hat

Rose Seller: Simple period dress tucked up to show underskirt, cap, shawl

Milk Maid: Blouse, corset, double skirt, apron, bonnet, shawl

Strawberry Seller: Dress or blouse and skirt, apron, bonnet

Knife Grinder: Peasant shirt, breeches, leather apron, cap, neckerchief, vest or jacket

Song Seller: Peasant shirt, breeches, cap, neckerchief, vest or jacket

Old Sally: Unkempt ragged dress, shawl, fingerless gloves, bonnet

Watchman: Long coat, Inverness cape and cap

Bow Street Runners: Period uniform with hat

Female chorus: Assorted dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, capelets, hats for different classes

Male Chorus: Assorted suits, or mismatched pants, shirts vests, hats for different classes