Singing In The Rain


This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes-extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock (except where noted). Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


Crowd: Period clothing, some in evening wear, some in dressy daywear

Lena: Dress, evening wrap, gloves, turban

Don: Trenchcoat, white shirt, bowtie, black pants, tailcoat, hat


Don and Cosmo:

  1. Knickers, collarless shirt, hose, cap
  2. Pants, sleeveless vest, shirt with collar
  3. Loud checked suit, shirt, tie, straw boater
  4. Double breasted period suit, shirt, tie, hat
  5. Suit style vest, pants, open collar shirt
  6. Western chaps, vest, shirt, hat, neckerchief


  1. Flying Ace – bomber jacket, scarf, helmet with goggles
  2. Motorcyclist – Leather jacket, jodhpurs, helmet
  3. Civil War – Confederate officer uniform

Lena: Overdone lounging suit

Producer: Period suit, shirt, tie


Lena: Marie Antoinette style gown, wig

Don: French court style coat, vest, breeches, hose, buckles, wig

Background Chorus: As above – less elaborate

Movie goers – Males: Black tailcoat, pants, white shirt, vest, tie, gloves

Movie goers – Females: Period evening gown, headpiece

On The Street

Don: Tearaway tailcoat, repeats rest from opening

Cathy: Plain period suit, hat

The Party

Lena and Chorus: Repeat from movie

Dream Of You Girls:

  1. Chorus girl costumes
  2. Kimono style dressing robes

At Monumental

Lockwood: Knicker suit, sweater vest, hose, cap

Cosmo: Workshirt, pants, floppy derby

Crew: Shirt, vest, pants, cap

Director: Riding breeches, full sleeve shirt, beret, neck scarf

Mr. Dexter: Period double breasted suit, shirt, tie

Background Chorus: Repeat crew costumes; repeat French Court costumes

Girls: White dress with black musical note trim hats

Toy Soldiers: Red with purple tunics, purple pants, black shako hats

Cheerleader: Skirt, sweater

Girls in Song: Costumes to match lyrics

Don: White tennis sweater, shirt, pants, cap

At The Diction Coach

Lena: Plain white blouse, black skirt, furs, cloche hat

Teacher: Plain period suit

Don: Sweater, shirt, pants

Cosmo: Sweater, pants, shirt, tie

Coach: Period suit, shirt, bowtie that comes untied

On The Set

Don: Repeat French Court

Lena: Repeat French Court – must have floral piece to be attached to various parts

Seamstress: Blouse, skirt

At The Movie

Don: Norfolk suit, shirt, tie

Cosmo: Period suit, shirt, tie

Lena: Black and white outrageous outfit

Cathy: Simple period dress

Male Chorus: Period suit, shirt, tie

Female Chorus: Period dress or suit, hat

Good Morning

Cathy: Repeat

Don, Cosmo: Repeat without jackets

Singing In The Rain

Don: Raincoat, slouch hat, duplicate pair of pants that can get wet

Policeman: Uniform coat, pants, raincape, hat with cover

The Next Day

Don, Cosmo: Period suit, shirt, tie

R.F.: Period suit, shirt, tie


Cathy: Period dress

Don: Sport coat, shirt, pants

Cosmo: Shirt, sweater vest, pants

Lena: Overdone period dress, hat

Friend: Overdone "tart" dress

French Court: Repeat

Don: Tux jacket, pants, shirt, bowtie, straw hat

Male, Female Chorus: Assorted costume specific to character

Don: Mismatched suit, hat

Agents: Pants, shirt, vest, bowtie, sleeve garters, derby

Male Chorus: Double breasted period suit, shirt, tie, hat

Female Chorus: Fringed flapper style dress, headband, feather

Special Dancer: Dance dress

Males: Tux jacket, pants, shirt, tie

Burlesque: Assorted showgirl costume

Follies: Sequin body suit, black sheer skirt, feathered & sequin headpiece, gloves

Males: Black tailcoat, pants, white shirt, vest, bowtie

Females: Period gowns

Males: Repeat tails

Special Dancer: White dress


Don: Short-sleeve shirt, pants

Dancer: White chiffon dress with very long trailing backpiece


Lena: Overdone period suit, furs, hat

Zelda: Tacky period dress, hat

Studio Office

R.F.: Double breasted period suit, shirt, tie

Lena: Bright period suit, white furs, hat

Movie Premiere

Cathy: Pastel chiffon evening gown

R.F., Don, Cosmo: Tux jacket, pants, shirt, tie

Lena: Overdone evening gown with feathers and beadwork

Males: Tux jacket, pants, shirt, tie

Females: Period evening gowns, gloves