The Sound of Music


Please Note: This wardrobe plot indicates our interpretation of the costume needs of the production. It is intended to provide you with required costume changes and a feeling of the costume styles. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes - extremely large or small sizes may not be available. Also, specific colors and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock. Styles and accessories may vary.

Cast & Costume: 


Scene 1: Nonnberg Abbey

Nuns: Black habit, scapular, wimple, collar, veil, ropetie

Novices: Same as Nuns, only white veils

Postulants: Calf length black dress, black short cape, veil with white band

Scene 2: Mountainside near the Abbey

Maria: Dressed as a postulant

Bertha, Sophia, Margaretta: Nun’s habits

Scene 3: Office of Mother Abbess, the next morning

Mother Abbess: Habit

Scene 4: A corridor in the Abbey

All: Repeat

Scene 5: Living Room of the Trapp villa, that afternoon

Captain Von Trapp: Casual blazer coat, trousers

Franz: Daytime butler’s livery, apron, vest, trousers

Frau Schmidt: Housekeeper’s dress, apron

Maria: Dated unattractive dress, hat, large old-time bag

Gretl age 6, Marta age 7, Brigitta age 9 Louisa age 13,  Liesl age 16: White sailor dresses , white hose

Kurt age 11, Friedrich age 14: White sailor suits, short pants style

Scene 6: Outside the Trapp villa, that night

Liesl: Repeat

Rolf: Tyrolean pants, shirt, hat, stutzen and tie

Scene 7: Maria's bedroom, later that evening

Maria: Robe over nightgown

Girls: Identical nightgowns

Boys: Identical pajamas

Frau Schmidt: Repeat

Liesl: Optional change to smudged duplicate of dress from Act1, Scene 6

Scene 8: A hallway in the Trapp villa

All: Repeat

Scene 9: Terrace of the Villa, six weeks later

Franz: Same, remove apron

Elsa: Styled morning dress, can be skirt and blouse

Captain Von Trapp: Daytime change, possibly to tyrolean flavor

Ursula: Tyrolean maid’s uniform

Max: Dapper sporty attire

Rolf: Repeat

Von Trapp Boys & Girls: Outfits made from curtains in Act 1, Scene 7; back to sailor costumes

Maria: Attractive peasant costume with skirt, blouse, bodice, apron

Scene 10: A hallway in the villa, one week later

Female guests: Ballgowns, gloves, headpieces

Male guests: Tail suits, Bavarian uniforms or tyrolean dress costume

Capt. Von Trapp, Baron Everfeld, Max: All tail suits, Max addition of top coat

Franz: Formal butler livery

Maria: Another peasant dress

Elsa: Elegant ballgown, gloves, hair piece

Girls: Party dresses

Boys: Blue suits

Scene 11: The living room, the same evening

Nuns: Repeat

New postulant: Nice suit or dress

Scene 12: A corridor in abbey

Nuns, Maria: All repeat

Scene 13: Office of the Mother Abbess, three days later


Scene 1: The terrace, same day

Max: Another dapper suit

Girls: Peasant costume

Boys: Tyrolean trousers, shirt stutzen

Captain Von Trapp: Dapper suit or sport clothes

Elsa: Another afternoon dress

Maria: Wears postulant dress of Act1, Scene 11

Franz: Repeat

Scene 2: A corridor in Abbey, two weeks later

Postulants, Nuns: Repeat

Mother Abbess: Add ceremonial cape

Scene 3: Office of Mother Abbess, immediately following

Maria: Wedding dress

Scene 4: A cloister overlooking the chapel

Girls: Dressed as flower girls, flower head pieces and flowers for hands

Boys: Repeat party suits

Captain: Full dress admiral’s uniform and hat, sword

Nuns: Repeat

Scene 5: The living room, a month later

Girls: Peasant costume

Boys: Tyrolean costume

Herr Zeller: Black suit with Nazi emblem on sleeve

Frau Schmidt: Repeat, or optional change

Max, Franz, Rolf: Repeat

Captain: Conservative suit

Maria: Travel suit, change to peasant dress if time permits

Von Schreiber: German Admiral’s uniform

Scene 6: The concert hall, three days later

Captain: Change coat only by adding tyrolean coat.

Maria: Add apron, cap to peasant costume

Girls: Repeat, add same style apron as Maria's and cap

Boys: Add tyrolean coats and hats

Max: Repeat tail suit

Female Trio: Peasant costumes

Fraulein Schweiger: Very garish evening gown, head plume

SS Men: German SS uniforms

Rolf: German uniform

Scene 7: The garden of Nonnberg Abbey, that night

Maria: Add cape

Captain and Children: All add capes

Rolf: Repeat Act 2,-Scene 6

All others: Repeat